Run time October 2014-July 2015
Episode count 19 (As of 28.3.15)
EP1: Trap Team is Here... Sort Of: 11th October 2014 16:39 UNWATCHABLE
EP2: More Skylanders: 18th October 2014 7:19
EP3: Lying Bets: 6th November 2014 9:04
EP4: The President's Assistant: 9th November 2014 8:33
EP5: Fist Bump's Fist Bump: 19th November 2014 14:31
EP6: The Episode That's About Something: 4th December 2014 9:25
EP7: Not Just Giants With Crystal Weapons: 6th December 2014 7:13
EP8: If You're Bored, Fight!: 14th December 2014 7:47
Ep9: Bad Scanners?: 20th December 2014 7:21
Ep10: Christmas!: 26th December 2014 6:51
Ep11: What The Heck Trap Team?: 27th December 2014 10:25
Ep12: More Action?: 2nd January 2015 6:58
Ep13: Wrecking Ball Is Back!: 14th January 2015 8:49
Ep14: RKO Outta Nowhere: 14th January 2015 10:11
Ep15: The Big Race: 18th January 2015 11:18
Ep16: Boom Bully: 7th February 2015 8:44
Ep17: Mini Midget Fun: 22nd February 2015 9:05
Ep18: Arrival: 12th March 2015 8:16
Ep19: Not The Best Of Friends: 28th March 2015 10:19
Ep20: The End: 18th July 2015 3:43

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