Run time July 2014-Presesnt
Episode count 9 (So far as of 3.8.14)
EP1: The Beginning: 16th July 2014 1:44
EP2: All By Myself: 16th July 2014 7:42
EP3: Search Party: 17th July 2014 6:46
EP4: Evil Chef: 18th July 2014 8:17
EP5: Battle Mode: 19th July 2014 7:58
EP6: Ice Cream: 22nd July 2014 7:09
EP7: Making His Way Back: 25th July 2014 8:07
EP8: Too Much Evilness: 27th July 2014 9:52
EP9: A Big Help: 3rd August 2014 10:10
EP10: Trap Team: ??? October 2014

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