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Season 2:

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Season 6:

Season 7:

Season 8:

Run time December 2012-August 2013.
Episode count 126
Season count 8
Season 1
EP1: We Are Finding Them: 28th December 2012 4:34
EP2: The Giants Are Found: 28th December 2012 3:19
EP3: Leadership Is For One: 28th December 2012 5:20
EP4: The Attack: 29th December 2012 6:25
EP5: Election 3: 29th December 2012 7:08
EP6: The Series 2: 30th December 2012 6:37
EP7: Bashwing: 30th December 2012 6:22
EP8: New Years Eve: 31st December 2012 2:15
Season 2
EP1: New Year Annoying Music: 1st January 2013 6:55
EP2: Double Evil: 3rd January 2013 8:41
EP3: Attention: 3rd January 2013 8:16
EP4: Anger Management 2: 4th January 2013 7:54
EP5: Trapped Below: 4th January 2013 8:44
EP6: Unicorn's Revenge: 6th January 2013 10:10
EP7: Tricked Love: 6th January 2013 6:16
EP8: Their World: 7th January 2013 6:06
EP9: Going Back For Her: 9th January 2013 10:32
EP10: The Game Show 2: 9th January 2013 5:08
EP11: The Eraser: 11th January 2013 6:13
EP12: It: 11th January 2013 5:03
EP13: Returning It 11th January 2013 5:32
EP14: Spyro Is Without His Cynder Again: 12th January 2013 6:06
EP15: A Very Giant Episode Part 1: 15th January 2013 6:42
EP16: A Very Giant Episode Part 2: 16th January 2013 3:14
EP17: The Blue Bob Cat: 18th January 2013 7:37
EP18: Is Treasure Worth It?: 18th January 2013 5:45
EP19: One Year Of Funny Stuff: 19th January 2013 10:36
EP20: The Hot Sun: 22nd January 2013 7:18
EP21: The Drill Sergeant: 23rd January 2013 5:58
EP22: The Return Of Cynder: 23rd January 2013 5:40
EP23: The Breakable: 23rd January 2013 4:45
EP24: The Night Fright: 24th January 2013 8:47
EP25: The Master Plan: 27th January 2013 8:14
Season 3
EP1: Stealth Elf Returns: 30th January 2013 11:58
EP2: Back To School: 2nd February 2013 4:18
EP3: Scary Tales: 2nd February 2013 11:19
EP4: Stealth Elf Top Girl: 3rd February 2013 4:54
EP5: Interview: 3rd February 2013 5:12
EP6: Treeboom: 4th February 2013 7:57

Ep7 Skylanders 3

Ep8 distortion

Ep9 hobo

Ep10 slippy spill

Ep11 flood portal

Ep12 the giant drain

Ep13 trip slice

Ep14 the bright light

Ep15 the troll

Ep16 Thumpback is found

Ep17 Valentimes

Ep18 the bully

Ep19 is it really Bouncer

Ep20 abduction by aliens

Ep21 the island of no one

Ep22 back home

Ep23 the traitorous Skylander

Ep24 rivaly

Ep25 proof

Ep26 the end to this

Ep27 Hot Dog returns

Ep28 Eye-Brawl is found

Season 4

Ep1 Hot Dog and Sprocket

Ep2 The break up part

Ep3 The break up part

Ep4 I see dead Skylanders

Ep5 Blamed

Ep6 how come?

Ep7 eye see you whale

Ep8 Lightning Rod turns crazy

Ep9 nerds and bullies

Ep10 to a invisible village

Ep11 two boys one girl

Ep12 jumped

Ep13 Brawl and stand small

Ep14 How to get to lost islands

Ep15 Hot and hotter

Ep16 Helping a devil

Ep17 Prince Eye-Brawl

Ep18 King Sam and Mayor Bob

Season 5

Ep1 Late April fools

Ep2 Easter egg

Ep3 Hot Dog's little bro

Ep4 The eye crew

Ep5 The dog crew

Ep6 Hex is back to evil plots

Ep7 Zap's dream

Ep8 Zap's detective mission

Ep9 Take a chill pill

Ep10 Take a magma pill

Ep11 stuck under fluff

Ep12 Pure magic

Ep13 SSA trio

Ep14 Stealth and Chill

Ep15 Molten gone

Ep16 Elf Dog race

Ep17 Another lightcore attack

Ep18 Series 2 invasion

Ep19 The big wrecking brawl

Ep20 The leader of the series 2

Season 6

Ep1 Ninjini is found

Ep2 the giant ritual

Ep3 two Stealth Elfs?

Ep4 number 1 fan

Ep5 Ginger attack

Ep6 It's crush hour

Ep7 animal control

Ep8 fungi control

Ep9 no rules

Ep10 no bullies

Ep11 pop fizz and pop fizz

Ep12 end of the world part 1

Ep13 end of the world part 2

Ep14 Party to you sleep

Ep15 Rainbow dreams

Season 7 Ep1 Wrecking Ball abuse

Ep2 who done it then?

Ep3 My tree father

Ep4 legendary fakers

Ep5 our place

Ep6 Who will be in SSF part 1

Ep7 Who will be in SSF part 2

Ep8 Camo opens up a melon shop part 1

Ep9 Camo opens up a melon shop part 2

Ep10 Easy to find?

Ep11 Series 2 brawl!

Ep12 sword gang part 1

Ep13 sword gang part 2

Ep14 a bug part 1

Ep15 a bug part 2

Ep16 The wish booth part 1

Ep17 The wish booth part 2

Ep18 The wish booth part 3

Ep19 As quick as a flash

Ep20 As slow as a Bash

Season 8

Ep1 Litter bug

Ep2 Clean nerd

Ep3 My Spice

Ep4 Roaring issues

Ep5 Bring the dead back part 1

Ep6 Bring the dead back part 2

Ep7 Spying on Spyro part 1

Ep8 Spying on Spyro part 2

Ep9 Scenes

Ep10 Green and Orange seperation

Ep11 For what is right!

Ep12 Never again...

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