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Season 2:

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Season 10:

Run time January 2012-December 2012.
Episode count 222
Season count 10
Movie count 10

Season 1
EP1: Pilot: 19th January 2012 4:20
EP2: The Scary Gets Scared: 19th January 2012 4:20
EP3: Boomer Arrives: 2nd February 2012 3:01
EP4: Spyro Goes On A Adventure: 4th February 2012 3:00
EP5: Copies: 4th February 2012 2:32
EP6: The Big Battle: 23rd February 2012 4:02
EP7: Randomness: 23rd February 2012 3:23
EP8: Bob The Mayor/Zap and Hex Arrive: 3rd March 2012 4:28
EP9: Broken Apart: 4th March 2012 5:02
EP10: Meet Up: 4th March 2012 3:11
EP11: Love Story Fighting: 4th March 2012 4:28
EP12: Under World: 4th March 2012 4:01
EP13: Water Skylanders Only: 4th March 2012 6:06
M1: Wrecking Ball's Big Adventure: 4th March 2012 12:31
EP14: Starter Skylanders: 4th Match 2012 4:01
EP15: Bad Bad Hex: 4th March 2012 6:01
EP16: Game Show: 4th March 2012 3:38
EP17: You Trickerd Me: 4th March 2012 5:14
EP18: Evil Plans: 4th March 2012 5:07
EP19: Trapped: 4th March 2012 2:22
EP20: Money Money: 5th March 2012 5:43
EP21: Under Arrest: 5th March 2012 2:35
EP22: Queen Pippa: 5th March 2012 4:31

Season 2

Ep1 fame and glory

Ep2 triggs and gills argument

Ep3 at skylands

Ep4 a dark force is rising

M2 epic battles

Ep5 we forgot to disarm the bombs

Ep6 talking penguin

Ep7 more talking penguin

Ep8 how hex snapped

Ep9 enemy's of my enemy

Ep10 your untrainable

Ep11 they got another skylander

Ep12 the capture

Ep13 dream world

Ep14 escaping the dream world

Ep15 all of them are gone

Ep16 the rescue

Ep17 the crash

Ep18 spyro goes crazy

Ep19 corrupt

Ep20 spyro works with the bad guys

Ep21 spyro went to far

Ep22 2nd chance

Season 3

Ep1 wrecking ball gone

Ep2 the truth

Ep3 stealth elf's great escape

Ep4 four friends

Ep5 evil liquid

Ep6 the takeout

Ep7 back to our world

Ep8 finish it

Ep9 it is not over yet

Ep10 stealth elf's dream

Ep11 a new enemy

Ep12 a old enemy

Ep13 your not stealth elf

Ep14 spyro no!

Ep15 crises levels

Ep16 it is done

Ep17 lost

Ep18 the search

Ep19 you know too much

Ep20 battle brawl 1

Ep21 discovery of epicness

Ep22 spyro alive!

M3 detective eruptor

Season 4

Ep1 back to the basics

Ep2 so we thought

Ep3 the turtles minions

Ep4 lair of the keyrings

Ep5 mayor bob is hiding

Ep6 the skylanders return

Ep7 wrecked

Ep8 up to us

Ep9 mind control

Ep10 i can't

Ep11 an unlikely ally

Ep12 finish the cyberdude

Ep13 chase him!

Ep14 finish him now!

Ep15 now the other!

Ep16 one left

Ep17 it got away

Ep18 hidden clues

Ep19 he's on the moon

Ep20 pick who to save

Ep21 turtle soup

Ep22 it's your choice

M4 mystery on the moon

Season 5

Ep1 developing

Ep2 keep up to the chase

Ep3 losing with a chance

Ep4 into the lair of hell

Ep5 it's our's now

Ep6 new plans more mayhem

Ep7 wrecking ball's talent

Ep8 ending it too soon

Ep9 the army bunker

Ep10 destroying the city

Ep11 there top base

Ep12 the sad ticking bomb guy

Ep13 never trust a robot

Ep14 fighting match

Ep15 he doesn't fight well

Ep16 i've had it with you two

Ep17 the break out

Ep18 stealth elf being manipulated

Ep19 the skylanders betrayal

Ep20 get the skylanders back

Ep21 it's over turtle face

Ep22 a fighting chance

M5 The Skylanders Vacation

Season 6

Ep1 the weather gone crazy

Ep2 there's also him to worry about

Ep3 into the wind

Ep4 the skylanders castoff

Ep5 into the snow

Ep6 the weather machine in action

Ep7 Flameslinger arrives

Ep8 the way to thunder

Ep9 into the lightning

Ep10 the kidnap

Ep11 my saviour

Ep12 into the rain/Drill Sergeant arrives

Ep13 Terrafin arrives

Ep14 Whirlwind Arrives

Ep15 into the sun

Ep16 the assassin

Ep17 lets get this party started

Ep18 into the tornado/Drobot arrives

Ep19 the storm

Ep20 bye bye

Ep21 into the storm

Ep22 showdown with the weather god

M6 the weather god returns

Season 7

Ep1 skylander killer

Ep2 Ignitor could make a fire dance

Ep3 Warnado arrives

Ep4 it is time

Ep5 the flood

Ep6 reports of flood

Ep7 the sewer

Ep8 the drains

Ep9 Lightning Rod arrives

Ep10 prison break

Ep11 sad stuff

Ep12 one strike and your out

Ep13 the undead king

Ep14 sacrifice

Ep15 ship crash

Ep16 the plan gone wrong

Ep17 better for him

Ep18 all back

Ep19 Slam Bam arrives

Ep20 no escape

Ep21 break your bones

Ep22 party time

M7 the team up

Season 8

Ep1 basic level

Ep2 wondering around

Ep3 air source

Ep4 off the plot

Ep5 strong armour

Ep6 crazy look

Ep7 kidnapped

Ep8 wind fan

Ep9 batter up

Ep10 frogkaos=dead

Ep11 betrayal

Ep12 murder

Ep13 victims

Ep14 flying chase

Ep15 bob's capture

Ep16 bob's escape

Ep17 battle time

Ep18 Zook arrives

Ep19 Camo arrives

Ep20 the real plan

Ep21 stop the plan

Ep22 back to the game

M8 alternate universe

Season 9

Ep1 bad dream

Ep2 the second furcut

Ep3 eruption

Ep4 anger management

Ep5 copy cat 2

Ep6 a new leaf

Ep7 the treasure

Ep8 the boom troll part 1 detectives

Ep9 the boom troll part 2 fight

Ep10 the boom troll part 3 war

Ep11 the boom troll part 4 Sunburn arrives

Ep12 the skygames 2012

Ep13 true hero

Ep14 who won

Ep15 go with me

Ep16 intense

Ep17 heroic sacrifice

Ep18 what happens after death

Ep19 the ransom

Ep20 the dragons

Ep21 end of the dragons

Ep22 rise of the dragons

M9 back to the villains

Season 10

Ep1 dizzy Hex

Ep2 Wrecking Ball 200

Ep3 girl wierdos/tech trouble

Ep4 Slam Bam's revenge

Ep5 the KO

Ep6 the rise of the meow

Ep7 meowing contest

Ep8 the troll tree

Ep9 the boat wreck

Ep10 a pirates life is the life for me

Ep11 evil Cynder?

Ep12 ambushed

Ep13 arguing

Ep14 heart broken

Ep15 we need spyro

Ep16 Prison

Ep17 can't do the time don't do the crime

Ep18 the deal

Ep19 downfall

Ep20 meow's friend

Ep21 meow's revenge

Ep22 meowing contest replay

Ep23 Wham-Shell arrives

M10 halloween

E24 Christmas is coming

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